Who We Are

CSF Global is a consulting company, comprised of experienced finance, accounting, project management, and IT professionals. We are a varied group of professionals with backgrounds in manufacturing, distribution, IT services, healthcare, commercial real estate, oil & gas, and biomedical industries. The Company was founded in 2012.

Our extensive background in accounting and finance leadership and consulting roles led to our founding the Company in response to a need that we saw in a number of project management, compliance and ERP system implementation engagements. We noticed that, in many cases, projects and implementations were falling short of their goals or not meeting their schedules, due to a lack of business insight by project leadership and team members. Often, project teams did not understand the financial and compliance implications of the decisions they were making, and often, best practices were not followed or even considered.

We realized that we could do better. We assembled key IT, accounting, finance, and project experts to provide a better service offering to clients. The Company’s initial engagement with a multi-billion dollar sales and distribution company included the implementation of SAP FICO, and the streamlining and documentation of all associated processes. The project was an overwhelming success, delivered on time and under budget, and served as a model for projects going forward at the company.

We strive to achieve successful outcomes, such as this, for all of our clients.

Our focus is on the needs and best interests of our clients…always. Our company was built on our passion for our profession, and the hope to utilize our knowledge and experience to help in our clients’ success.