Why Hire Us

We did not begin our careers as consultants –

One of the benefits of utilizing CSF Global for your next project or challenge, is that all of our staff are experienced professionals in one or more core areas of business or IT, such as accounting, finance, audit, IT. We did not begin our careers as management consultants, learning about business from the outside, looking in. We have lived it. We have walked in your shoes. We understand many of the issues and practicalities involved in the day-to-day running of a business, large or small. For this reason, we are better able to understand your needs, effectively address those needs, and achieve the successful outcome that you need to succeed.

You need a resource who can ‘hit the ground running’ –

We can. We don’t train inexperienced staff on your dime. While every engagement will consist of unique challenges, we minimize the learning curve on engagements because we only employ experienced professionals. These professionals have the background to quickly gain an understanding of the business environment and navigate it more efficiently than less experienced staff.

Independence –

CSF Global maintains an independent position in the marketplace. We are not partnered or affiliated with any specific software or hardware company. This means that we will not promote or recommend any software or hardware solution that is not in the best interests of our client. In situations involving hardware or software assessment or selection, we are independent. We will put your needs first, rather than proposing a system or solution that is not right for your company.

Ethics –

Our professionals maintain the utmost ethics in all business dealings. Some are required to do so, as part of their professional certifications and affiliations. However, regardless of that, we know that our most important attribute is the trust that our clients instill in us. We work diligently every day to earn and maintain that trust, and do right by our clients. Core to our practice and our business dealings are the tenants of honesty and diligence.

Experience –

Our staff does not consist of ‘green’ consultants. Our practice consists of CPA’s, MBA’s, PMP’s, and IT professionals with deep experience in publicly traded and privately held companies, ranging from major S&P500 corporations to smaller regional firms. We have experience as directors, managers, controllers, auditors, programmers and analysts across various industries, and bring a wealth of experience and insight to our engagements. In past roles, we have been the client in search of the consulting support that we now offer.

People Skills –

Projects are conducted by teams. Teams consist of people. Most often, people involved in a project have varying perspectives, agendas, and expectations. Coordinating and communicating with those individuals is the most critical aspect of a successful project implementation. Having the knowledge and temperament to navigate the various personalities and agendas, and the ability to recognize the unique concerns and challenges of team members and stakeholders can be key factors in a successful outcome and overall experience. Our team takes a respectful, tactful approach to our engagements, which is informed by our experience in both management and consultative roles.

Operational Efficiency –

We maintain a focus on operational efficiency and process improvement.
In the course of our engagements, we continually look for improvement opportunities as part of our efforts. This is true even in cases in which we are not specifically tasked with doing so. We continually ask the questions, “Is there a better way to do this?”, “Does the current process still make sense?”, or “Can this be automated?”. Though these are basic questions, existing staff often does not have the ‘bandwidth’ to consider them, or may not be open to change. Often, we have found that even minor changes suggested to a client, provide major improvement in their day-to-day operation. We have found this expertise and focus to be a key benefit to our clients.